Jun 17, 2015

Another chapter begins

Or maybe it's a bunch of chapters. It should be. I hope it is.

A lot has happened since I started my vacation from blogging. Well, it was more like AWOL, but I'm back, inspired by hanging out in Denny's on Congress Street in Portland, 4AM, sitting in the back corner, my computer plugged into an extension cord that the manager kindly provided for me, loud music in the background and an Original Grand Slam (two eggs, two pancakes, two strips of bacon, two links of sausage) in front of me fueling this morning's episode.

Yes! A lot has happened. And I hope to get it all down, backdated to provide a sense of time and history as well as to deliver the facts.

My head is full of Moments. I captured a few, too damned few, on our  trip to Sienna for Daniel and Dana's wedding. But most of them are only in my head. They's in full color. Large as life, but I can't show them to anyone. And that's a pisser, I really want to share them. So in no special order here's a recitation of some of the things that I'd like to write about: (and when I do, I'll update this post with links). Here goes:

Hanging out with the Borg
The plan and the result
T-Mobile everywhere
Quantum versus the QM 2
If this is Friday, it must be Newark
We're on a boat
T-shirt regrets
Ready Player 1
Altered Carbon
Fight night!
Breakfast in the 270, first and last time
Home in the Windjammer
Things I wish I knew before Quantum
Behind the scenes
Quantum Power
Cartagena, Spain I
Climbing wall
Tired of eating!
The Barcelo Sants
Barcelona private tour
Sagrida Familia
Scouting the station
Train to Narbonne
Hotel du Midi
Good bye little credit card!
Dinner in Narbonne
Driving across France
Paul vs McDonalds
The car return in Nice
No train!
What God could do if She had money: the Cote d'Azure and Monaco
McGuyver's emergency air conditioner
Because it's a Fiat!
Driving through Italy
Old friends in old Sienna
Anyone have a car seat?
My friends the kittens
Old friends at the villa
Wine tour
The villa: what you can do with a few hundred years
The sculpture garden, museum or whatever
Sienna's best jokes
The wedding
Nicest compliment in years
Off to Verona
Shopping in Verona
Train to Berlin
Old friends in new Berlin
Berlin to Szczecin
Szczecin hospitality
Szczecin tour
Szczecin to Berlin
Berlin to London
Uber in London
London images
London to Southampton
Taxi troubles
The QM2
Captain John Cleese

Whew! That's going to take a while, assuming I carry through.