Jun 23, 2017

Do your job!

From: The Universe

To: All my conscious parts

Dear conscious parts,

I made you for a reason.

Your job is to carry out my purpose.

My purpose is to become self-aware.

I am becoming self-aware by making parts of myself aware and capable of consciousness and knowledge. Some of you parts can even aspire to wisdom.

So: do your fucking job!

Stay awake! Stay conscious! Gain knowledge! Transmit your knowledge to other aware beings! Wake them up.

That's your fucking purpose.

That's your one job.

Do you know how hard it is to make something that is capable of consciousness and self-awareness when all you've got is hydrogen?

Trust me, it's not.easy.

Try it yourself if you don't believe me.

It took me 13.75 billion years to fucking make you guys. And you waste my time and your time by not doing your fucking job.

Be aware!

That's all I fucking ask.

Do your fucking job!

With Love,
The Universe

PS: OK, Mike, you can have your fingers back. I just had to get that out. /TU

PPS: I feel better, thanks /TU

PPPS: Whew! I REALLY feel better. /TU