Jan 14, 2018


"END SIMULATION!!" I said. I said it loud. You can tell it was loud by the all caps.

"Who is President?" I asked.

Interlude. The story continues at the bottom, but first, let me tell you the origin story:

I found that in one of my Hangouts feeds last night.

I thought it was genius, and I told him so--him being +Justin Mecham, one of my buddies from Maine Hackers Club, now working in Boston.

I was too chicken too, but a night's sleep made me bolder.

"END SIMULATION!" I shouted the next morning.

Okay, I was at home at the time. Okay, the only other person at home was Bobbi. And, yes, she was at the other end of the house. And, sure, there were three closed doors between us. But, yes. I did shout it.

Back to Hangouts, bursting with pride, I suggested that +Daniel Wolf, one of my sons-by-marriage, a manager at a well-known tech company, and the other guy in the Hangout with Justin, make a practice of ending his meetings with "END SIMULATION." It's early days yet, so I don't know if he's going to to do that or not.

But I decided that I was going to do it whenever I had the chance. Who knows. One these days, the holodeck computer is going to listen to me. Or to one of us.

And I think that the idea of saying END SIMULATION is meme-worthy.

And that leads me back to where I left off...

"END SIMULATION!!" I said. I said it loud. You can tell it was loud by the all caps.

"Who is President?" I asked.

"Donald Trump," someone answered.

"END SIMULATION!" I said. I said it in a larger font, hoping that would make a difference.

"Now who is President," I asked.

I got a funny look. "Barack Obama," came the answer.

"END SIMULATION!! END SIMULATION!! END SIMULATION!!!!" I said, an undisclosed number of times.

Author's notes:
1: I repeated it because I thought it was funny, and I like milking a joke for laughs (even when the only laughs that I can hear are my own). I said it some (undisclosed) number of times because I don't want to imagine people counting and deciding that I liked one (undisclosed) president better than the rest.

2: If a joke is available, making a joke is always more important than making points for any particular political side.

3. I may break with recent tradition and post on social media.