Jan 13, 2018

Tech Solidarity

According to its landing page:
Tech Solidarity is a grass-roots organization whose goal is to better connect tech workers with the communities they live in. Our emphasis is on regular in-person meetings, volunteer assistance to organizations serving the vulnerable, and the creative use of labor law in pursuit of an ethical agenda. 
Founded in November of 2016 by Maciej Ceglowski, a San Francisco web developer, Tech Solidarity holds quasi-monthly meetups in a number of American cities, and tries to serve as a clearinghouse for information and technical assistance.
I learned about Tech Solidarity in passing from one of the people working on Jared Golden's campaign. Jared is part of Tech Solidarity's Great Slate,

Tech Solidarity is raising funds for progressive Congressional candidates fighting competitive races in eight winnable rural districts.
Jared is one of the eight. According to the website proximityone ME-02 the most rural of all the districts in the Great Slate--and it's the second most rural district in the whole countrym, exceeded only by KE-05. You can see its makeup here.

Maciej Ceglowski, who runs the site, also runs a bookmarking called pinboard that I've signed up for and am using in preference to Evernote. It's really fast! It's cheaper than Evernote. It captures and caches web pages in the background. It does not seem to capture all the pages that I've bookmarked and it's not clear whether the pages that haven't been captured will be, someday. But that's only protection against a page disappearing--and that's relatively rare. And there's always the wayback machine at archive.org.