Jan 13, 2018

I'm going to write a post about...

I'm going to write the second part of my post about slavery. But it's a long post. And I can't publish it until I've got it right. And I still haven't gotten it right. And then the day has come and gone and I haven't written it.

I'm going to write a post about pinboard. It's my replacement for Evernote. I haven't used it that much, but so far I like it. But I have this post about slavery that I want to write first. So even though it would be easier to write, I can't get to it, right now.

I've got around 50 web pages saved to Evernote in a notebook called "Blogging" and each one of them deserves its own post. But I can't get to them because of the slavery post and the pinboard post, and a lot of other posts, all vying for my attention.

That includes a series of posts about waking up. Especially the one about waking up _in the dream_ rather than waking up _from the dream_. That's an important one.

And then there's the one about paying the high cost of learning something new--having an important insight--and then quickly forgetting it.

All these things that I'm going to write posts about. And instead, I write a post about something different. A post about all the posts that I wanted to write and didn't write.

This post.