Jan 3, 2018

Tired brain, Just Dance Now, and This Post

I hate it when my brain gets tired. Like right now. I'm typing. Words are coming out. Sentences are formed. It's not bad stuff. But there's no joy. It's a chore.

I know that if I don't finish this post and get it out then I'm going to feel bad tomorrow. And that's enough to keep me going. But I don't feel the joy that I feel when I'm in the groove. From the outside, things look the same. From the inside, they're very different.

Tonight, I did find a way to mitigate the problem, though. After dragging through my 750 words, realizing I had made a mistake in waiting until 9:00 to start, I tried to think of a way to get some energy and remembered that I'd downloaded "Just Dance Now" and had paid for a couple months' subscription.

Just Dance has been available on game consoles for years. You choose a song. It plays on the console and you see a dancer dancing to the music. Holding your console controller you try to mimic the moves. The game scores when you do the right thing at the right time.

Just Dance Now is the mobile phone version. You use your phone instead of the game controller, and a computer or a Chromecast device to play the music and show the dancer. I had tried it out--they give you a couple of free songs--and I liked it enough to pay $9.95 for a three-month subscription, which gives me access to their catalog of 300-odd tracks.

So I went up and tried a couple of songs that I'd been working on--and until my Pixel's power went subcritical I listened to music and did some dancing.

It wasn't a complete remedy. I've got a few posts that will require more intellectual energy than this post has needed, and I'm not up to doing them. But it got me through to writing this post.

And pressing Publish.