Jan 9, 2018

Superpowers for mundane matters

I’m a talented person, but there are a couple of areas where I feel I’ve been given superpowers. Or maybe I haven’t been given them. Maybe I’ve earned them. Whatever. Where ever they came from, I’ve got them.

Imagination is one of my superpowers. For a long time, I didn’t realize it was a superpower. When someone would say “I just can’t imagine <something>” my response would always be: “How can you not imagine that? I can imagine anything.” Most people have limited imaginations. Mine is unlimited. Superpower.

My sense of fun is another superpower. People say: you can’t make jokes about <serious subject.> But I can. Maybe I don’t. But I can. People say: you can’t make fun of <serious subject> But I can do that too.

Flexibility and enjoyment are also superpowers. I can adapt to all kinds of situations. And I can enjoy almost anything. Because enjoyment is putting joy into things.

Today I realized that I use my superpowers only when I have to--when I’m driven to use them. But I don’t think that they’re on quota. I don’t have a limited supply of imagination or fun. I can’t use up my flexibility or joy. In fact, it's likely that my powers might get stronger with use.

It seems like it ought to work that way. I know that practice is the key to developing any skill.  I know that people can improve almost as much by imagining practice and they can by actual practice. So maybe I can use my superpower of imagination to develop new skills and to improve existing skills.

Here's how I imagine that it might work.

I would start by imagining that I have the skill that I want. Then I would imagine practicing to get better. Nothing's that easy. So I would imagine problems. I would imagine solving the problems. I would imagine obstacles. Then I would imagine going over, around, and through the obstacles.

It's 10PM right now. That's around the time that I run out of energy and can't get things done. But I can imagine giving myself more energy. And I can practice that.

I’ve written several things today, but I haven’t posted any of them. I want to get better at doing that. So I guess I need some practice. I'll just imagine posting. Then I'll imagine some things getting in my way. And then I'll imagine getting past them.

And then I'll post this. And then the next thing.